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A practical tool suite for managing privacy compliance for mobile apps, websites, and IoT

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Personal data collection is hidden at the technical level

As if the wide array of data protection laws were not challenging enough for companies, most third party data collection is hidden from view. Indeed, even companies with robust technical teams are unable to reliably detect the collection of all potential categories of personal data, much less track which third parties receive this data or apply those findings to legal baselines.


The Product

Existing Legal Obligations

Today almost all companies have a consumer-facing app or website. Under privacy laws around the world, companies are obligated to know the full range of data collected from users and transmitted to third parties. Violating these laws can result in large fines, brand-damaging publicity, and potential litigation.

The Problems

Our experience with clients has shown that most companies are blind to data leakage from their apps and websites because their traditional cybersecurity solutions are focused on the company data center, not the user’s device (e.g., smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.).

Teams are also often unaware of data leakage due to a necessary reliance on external code and aggressive development cycles, which are the norm for most industries. This leads to inadvertent third party data sharing that is difficult to detect and mitigate.

Companies are forced to rely on unreliable and unverifiable statements from vendors regarding data sharing and collection.

There is also a lack of communication between the marketing, development, and legal teams due to a misunderstanding of what qualifies as “personal information” or “personal data” under relevant law.

The NT Analyzer Solution

NT Analyzer steps into the shoes of a user and removes the blind spots, allowing a company to catalog all of the collected and disclosed data, and identify relevant risk.

After reviewing network traffic from the end-user’s device, NT Analyzer identifies all data sharing and categorizes it under relevant legal risks. All legal findings are protected by attorney client privilege.

Once a risk has been discovered, the company can view the specific network traffic in their custom dashboard and quickly mitigate.

From there, the marketing or development team can see an objective picture, empowering companies to solve their most glaring data protection issues and facilitating the conversation between development and legal departments.