A practical tool suite for managing privacy compliance for mobile apps, websites, and IoT

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Personal data collection is hidden at the technical level

As if the wide array of data protection laws were not challenging enough for companies, most third party data collection is hidden from view. Indeed, even companies with robust technical teams are unable to reliably detect the collection of all potential categories of personal data, much less track which third parties receive this data or apply those findings to legal baselines.


Industries Served


Making sure healthcare companies are using HIPAA-compliant solutions.


Helping the entertainment industry’s need to comply with many different privacy regulations.

Financial Services

Assisting companies in financial services that need to comply with many different privacy regulations.

Children’s Content

Protecting the privacy of children by testing website and apps for COPPA compliance.

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Global testing

With locations around the globe, assets can be tested anywhere whether done locally or in the cloud.

  • Locally in a Norton Rose Fulbright office
  • In the cloud, by region
  • On-site, if requested by a client
  • Elsewhere as requested by client