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Whether you need to comply with CCPA, ePrivacy Directive or Apple’s App Store privacy requirements, you can add the appropriate legal or industry modules to your testing environment to easily sort what information is being collected and is or is not being shared, identifying where you may be at risk.

Industry Module

Apple’s Privacy Requirements

Starting December 8, 2020, Apple will require developers to provide extensive, granular information about their app’s privacy practices, such as the type of data collected from users, third party data usage, and specific purpose of collection. NT Analyzer is able to provide organizations with a digestible and readily available report to meet these requirements.

Legal Modules

ePrivacy Directive/GDPR

This module analyzes data through the specific lens of the EU ePrivacy Directive. You can compare the terminal equipment information detected by the tool to your internal data map and public disclosures to ensure accuracy and to determine whether mitigations are needed. Using “before and after” tests, you can evaluate the effectiveness of user consents.


CCPA requires companies to account for both the nature of collected data as well as the kinds of parties with whom data is shared. This module is intended to help you not only identify all relevant parties, but also sort out those parties that may be capable of being “service providers” versus those parties where there may be a “sale” of information.


GLBA prohibits the disclosure of “non-public personal information.” The module detects the transmission of this data as well as financial services content.


HIPAA prohibits the disclosure of PHI. The module detects the transmission of PHI as well as healthcare-related content.


COPPA prohibits the collection of personal information without verifiable parental consent. The module shows you which data transmissions may qualify for “support for internal operations” and which ones may create COPPA exposure. Using “before and after” traffic captures allow you to test the effectiveness of user consents.


The VPPA prohibits the sharing of personally identifiable information when associated with video title or genre. This module allows you to see which parties receive both sets of data to identify areas for mitigation.

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