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NT Analyzer has an assortment of powerful tools and capabilities that can be used by in-house legal and IT teams. These features rely on NT Analyzer’s unique, data-driven privacy forensics.

Technical Tools

Results 360° and Tracking Detection

Results 360° allows for drill down to the relevant network traffic. Identification of data collection by data type and recipient. Summary information is followed by a host-by-host table showing the companies collecting data and the data they collect.

Sort by ID

Powerful button tools that allow for quick exploration of the data collection footprint. With the selection of one or more categories of data, the tool will tell you all of the parties that collect that specific piece of data.

Server Locations

Where does the data go? This tool allows you to see the physical location of the servers (by city and country) that collect personal data. Button tools allow for easy navigation.


Cookies consist of cookie “names,” “values,” and “duration.” This tool shows all of the cookies contained in the network traffic. You can explore cookies based on company name, company role, and cookie duration.


Device or browser “fingerprinting” means tracking a user based on enduring characteristics about the user’s browser or device instead of using cookies or conventional tracking IDs. The tool shows where we detected code or data associated with potential fingerprinting.

Host-Origin/Family Tree

Many times third parties have the potential to interact with one another. This tool makes it easy to see which third parties refer to other third parties in the network traffic. The tool also shows which third parties you may directly control and which parties may be further downstream.

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Technical Capabilities

Categories of transmitted data:

  • Personally identifiable information
  • Advertising IDs
  • Device IDs
  • Network IDs
  • Cookies
  • Geolocation, lat long/street address
  • Content (health, financial services, sexual orientation)
  • “Fingerprinting” data
  • Encoded or obfuscated data
  • Custom as designated by client

Identify attributes of all parties receiving data:

  • Host name and IP address
  • Third party companies corresponding to the host names
  • The function/role of the third party receiving data
  • Server location by city/country

Extensible framework:

  • Platform can be extended to identify categories of data designated by the client
  • Additional data visualizations can be added at client’s request

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