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From the Development Laboratory: Schrems II and Detection of Cross-Border Data Transfers

By and Insights

The Court of Justice for the European Union (CJEU) recently issued an opinion (Schrems II) that invalidated the US-EU Privacy Shield. This presents the obvious technical question, “which of my data transfers are to the US?” For global companies operating in Europe and for EU-based companies, the answer is probably surprising.  It is almost impossible to operate a global business…

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Why So Many Cookie Policies are Broken

By Insights

Cookies Are One Piece of a Larger Puzzle There has been an odd preoccupation with cookies for some time now—to the exclusion of other forms of browser tracking, some of which are much more flexible and more robust in their data collection capabilities than cookies.  Despite this fact, these other, non-cookie tracking technologies are often not referenced in privacy policies…

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