Google Privacy Sandbox Won’t Support Alternate Identity Solutions

By and March 19, 2021Insights

Google will not use alternate identity solutions to track users online after third-party cookies are phased out in 2022.  Instead, Google plans to rely on Privacy Sandbox, which preserves privacy for consumers while still enabling publishers and advertisers to target their ads.  (See A More Privacy First Web.)

NT Analyzer catalogs all collected and disclosed data, identifying relevant risk in a custom client dashboard. After reviewing network traffic from the end-user’s device, NT Analyzer identifies all data sharing, categorizing the types of PII shared and relevant legal risks.

The dashboard allows clients to view all leaked data and the specific network traffic where a leak occurs so that mitigation can quickly take place. This gives  development teams an objective picture, empowering companies to solve their most glaring data protection issues. The client dashboard facilitates the conversation between development and legal departments by speaking both technical and legal languages.

We will continue to monitor for developments and issue updates, as warranted.

Steven Roosa

Author Steven Roosa

Steven B. Roosa advises companies on a wide spectrum of technology and legal issues pertaining to privacy and data security. Steve serves as partner in Norton Rose Fulbright's New York office and oversees the firm's privacy compliance tool suite, NT Analyzer.

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Steven Roosa

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Wenda Tang is an associate practicing in Norton Rose Fulbright's Washington, DC office, her practice focuses on Regulations, Investigations, Securities and Compliance.

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